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Another Country Heard From

Dear Ed,
I must admit I read the Letter from the Editors in the February issue of Colorado Central with mixed emotions. Initially I was sad that you and Martha wouldn’t be directly involved in the excellent publication. However, after I thought about it for awhile longer I felt glad for the two of you that you’ll be able to pursue the many things you had to let slide.
As with most small businesses, the pressures of the day-to-day operation of the business is  much greater than those outside the business realize and projects you originally felt you’d have time for necessarily took a backseat to the daily chores.
To put this into perspective, I was reading the February issue while I was sitting on our hotel room’s balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea facing the west coast of the Yucatan from Cozumel island. While this may not be a luxury that interests you, at least there will be some relief from the unrelenting pressure to get the publication out.
Maybe now you’ll be able to take on one or two activities previously considered frivolous.  I’ll look forward to your efforts in Colorado Central and other publications. I may have to subscribe to the High Country News to catch you there.
Good luck to you and we’ll continue to be Colorado Central subscribers as we have been since 1997.
Peter Bulkeley