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About the Cover Photographer: Dan Downing

Although my fascination with photography was born at a very early age, it did not become reality until 1980 when I purchased a studio and began making my living as a photographer. Soon my work was becoming recognized both in my native state of Kansas and at a national level as well. My portrait work has been included in many exhibits and many locations around the country, and has been featured in Professional Photographer, the journal of the Professional Photographers of America, on three occasions. In the commercial field, my work has been nominated for several advertising awards. I was presented with the Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence in 1988. The following year, it was my honor to be the guest of the House of Representatives as the featured artist for the Kansas Day festivities at the State Capitol building in Topeka. Since then, photography has opened the world to me. It has taken me to five continents. My work has been featured in many national publications, numerous exhibitions and is included in collections around the world.

Until recently I worked primarily with large format, black and white materials, always in a traditional, wet process darkroom. But today, after years of believing that I would be like a dinosaur, slowly becoming extinct, whiling away my time in that darkroom, I have gone to the dark side and joined the digital world. Whatever the media, my goal is to make photographs that are worthy of any collection. To that end I endeavor to make each of my photographs perfect, both technically and aesthetically, and for them to strike a positive emotional chord in the viewer.