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A note of thanks

Letter from Jan Klump

Colorado Central – August 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Martha and Ed Quillen,

This is just a thank you note. I happened on your website after Google found me the article from your January 1998 edition, “From Turret to Salt Lake City” by Dick Dixon.

A friend is traveling to Salt Lake City in the fall and I told him that there was a monument on the state capital grounds designed by a cousin of mine, Frank Chase Walker. The monument looks different now so I wasn’t sure I had the right one when I looked at photos on line. I saw the monument in 1970.

I Googled “Frank Chase Walker” and found this most informative article that gave me the history I had forgotten and the update that I didn’t know.

Since my parents and grandparents are gone, suddenly there is all this family history that I want to pass down. Why didn’t I pay more attention when they were alive? It is the question each generation asks, I expect.

I live in Massachusetts so I won’t subscribe to Colorado Central, but your website is delightful and I appreciate reading about your work.

Again, thank you.

Jan Klump