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A guide to Salida Trees, by the Salida Tree Board

Review by Martha Quillen

Flora – January 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

A Guide to Salida Trees
Published by the Salida Tree Board with funding from the Colorado Tree Coalition
Available free from the City of Salida and at the Salida Regional Library No ISBN

HERE’S A GREAT New Year’s wish list for Salida’s yard-lovers. The Salida Tree Board has published a list of trees that will grow in Salida which includes information on the tree’s: size and spread; flowers; foliage, recommended soil conditions; water and sun requirements; and problems (which include everything from a tendency toward insect infestation, to disease, to frost-intolerance, to short life span — depending upon the tree in question).

This is a clear, simple guide to which trees do best in Salida and which don’t, and it includes comments and suggestions, plus information about drought tolerance and intolerance and tree growth rates, and even small colored pictures. It also recommends appropriate trees for those pesky median strips.

According to this booklet, trees can usually be planted in Salida as early as April 15th. In the meantime, this publication can help Salidans get ready to choose the right tree for their yard.

–Martha Quillen