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A Glimpse into our ‘Magic’ future?

Brief by Central Staff

Real Estate – December 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

A Glimpse into our `Magic’ Future?

In this advertisement from the September 29 Denver Post, the Game Trail development outside Buena Vista asks “Want to see what Vail and Aspen were like 30 years ago?”

Well, as we recall, Aspen in 1967 was one of the meanest and harshest places in Colorado — unless you were a millionaire, you weren’t welcome, since a long-haired kid loitering on Hyman Street might sour the high-roller Eurotrash on Aspen and make them think about wintering in Gstaad instead.

Vail back then was somewhat more tolerant, and even had housing that local employees could afford, so we hope that’s the town they really had in mind.

Then there’s the implication that, 30 years hence, the Arkansas Valley will be like the Aspen or Vail of today — expensive, crowded, owned by remote corporations, operated by worker bees who commute long distances over twisting and narrow icy roads. Sure gives us something to look forward to, doesn’t it?

We also note that Game Trail offers both “natural mountain living” and “all the contemporary comforts.”

At first that seems rather contradictory, but then again, natural mountain settings do provide running water, albeit untreated.

And nature provides electricity, too, in the form of lightning.

And even a crackling fire — if Smokey Bear falls down on the job.

The ad goes on to say that Game Trail offers “a private place of nature,” in a “wildlife preserve,” that’s “in a magical mountain setting.”

All in all, the place sounds so idyllic you wonder why they don’t leave it just as it is. But that would, indeed, be a miracle.