A cause of packratitis

Letter from W. Bruce Gillis

Colorado Central – August 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ed and Martha:

My check for $20 is enclosed. I bet if you knocked off a buck or two for a second year, you’d get a bunch of longer term subscribers. A lot of other magazines do it, and it does save writing a check and remembering next year.

I think I would nominate Colorado Central for the best “non phony” publication in Colorado, and probably give Ed’s columns in the Denver Post the same accolade. In addition to making the insights of Ananias Ziegler available, you provide the invaluable quote from Bob Ewegen, “journalism is the art of relentless oversimplification.” Haven’t run across that before, and it is singularly apt.

I’m not sure why Colorado Central and the New Yorker share the same phenomenon my wife is troubled by. While I rarely get a chance to read either all the way through, I am uniformly reluctant to throw either of them away until I’ve had the chance to read them all through. This sort of thing involves recurrent lectures on the necessity of fighting packratitis.

But anyway, keep up the good work.

W. Bruce Gillis, Jr. Littleton

Publisher’s Note: The main reason that we don’t offer discounts for multi-year subscriptions is that printing and postage costs could take a big jump.