A Reading List

Sidebar by George Sibley

Community – April 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Berry, Wendell. Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community. A collection of essays from America’s post-urban Jeremiah, the best of which refute traditional arguments about the smallness of small communities. But don’t read it for the sex.

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Can community be more than a marketing buzzword?

Article by George Sibley

Community – April 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Two factors make the idea of “community” almost impossible to talk about intelligently today: 1) everyone thinks he or she knows what it is (and that it’s quaint), and 2) everyone thinks he or she is part of one (or wouldn’t be caught dead in one).

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One way to cope with the multitude

Article by Jeffrey Keidel

Federal agencies – April 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

“Who are those guys?” asks a rider peering through the dust of the valley floor. Behind him lay the rugged terrain of desert and river, mountain and plain. Squinting into the distance for a uniform, a hat, or anything to identify the authorities below, his partner replies, “I dunno… I just don’t know.” They mount their horses and head for the hills.

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Where’s the service?

Essay by Ellen Miller

Growth – April 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Another symptom of Colorado’s growth is upon us. There’s a new area code going in for the Western Slope and northern Colorado. It will be 970. The southern part of the state got its new code 719, several years ago. Now U.S. West, with its headquarters in Denver and its so-called service operations pulling back to the metrocentric area even more, has decided to leave only the metro zone in the 303 code.

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Notes & Commentary for April 1995

Brief by Central Staff

Local issues – April 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Unfunded MOA Mandate provokes closed airspace

MORGAN COUNTY, W.Va. — Those concerned about the proposed Military Overflight Area (MOA) for Air National Guard fighter-jet training over the Wet Mountain and San Luis valleys might pressure their county commissioners to follow the lead of Morgan County, W. Va.

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