Notes & Commentary for March 1995

Brief by Central Staff

Various – March 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Going on-line

SAGUACHE — Ken Poirier has started a computer bulletin board, with the idea of linking to other systems and forming a “Colorado Mountain Valley Network.”

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Public radio prepares to cut back

Article by Ed Quillen

Communication – March 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Now that we’ve got some committed budget-cutters holding the purse strings in Washington, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting may be eliminated, and the result could be less diversity on local radio dials.

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Resort summit produces no magic

Article by Allen Best

Tourism – March 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Did you think that 150 people from five counties were going to get together and solve all our resort ills in a day? Don’t expect magic out of the five-county resort summit held at Beaver Creek last December. Any white rabbits delivered from this process will be labored, and unlike fecund rabbits, slow to arrive and in a small litter.

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Gimme Shelter … Please

Article by Clint Driscoll & Diane Alexander

Animals – March 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

For the past six years, Diane Godynick-Clements has rescued cats in Buena Vista. At last count, she had sixteen in her house, sixteen cats that she was trying to place in good homes. People know about Diane, which explains why cats get dumped off at her house without any notes, food, or support money. Once, after a Humane Society fundraiser, she came home to find a frightened dog tied to her fencepost.

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Slaughterhouse Creek: the story of a commune

Article by Marty Rush

Part 1 of a 3-part series

Local History – March 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Author’s Note: Early in the 1970s, small towns in Central Colorado experienced a barbarian invasion. Salida was one of them. The barbarians were pagan tribes of long-haired hedonists — hippies, in short. As with many ethnic/cultural migrations in human history, this one caused some tension. The new people were different.

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What would Jefferson say?

Essay by Martha Quillen

American life – March 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

One of Ed’s friends, Clay Jenkinson, is a Thomas Jefferson impersonator who talks at schools, meetings, and book fairs. As Jefferson, Jenkinson is frequently asked how he feels about modern America. The answer?

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