The Race Across the Sky

Article by Lynda la Rocca

Events – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

It’s approaching 4 a.m. in downtown Leadville, a city not exactly famous for its nightlife. Yet tonight — or is it this morning? — the joint is jumping.

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The burning threat to the Sangres

Article by Tom Wolf

Fire – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Wildfire is burning in the Wet Mountain Valley. I smell the smoke before I see it. If I were alone here, I might be glad for a stirring burn; we’re a century or so overdue.

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Trout Creek Pass or Ute Trail

Sidebar by Ed Quillen

Anza’s Route – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

After crossing the San Luis Valley (they moved at night so Comanche scouts wouldn’t see their dust cloud), Anza’s 800 men and 2,400 horses camped near the summit of Poncha Pass on Thursday, Aug. 26, 1779. Journal entries for the next two days:

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On the trail of Juan Bautista de Anza

Article by Phil Carson

Local history – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

It is a fine summer day as Ron Kessler and I drive up Ute Creek just northeast of Salida, examining a possible route of the 18th-century Spaniard, Juan Bautista de Anza. Ahead of us in another vehicle, kicking up dust (it’s his job) is Ed Quillen, an editor of a small Colorado monthly magazine. Together we are seeking documentary clues in Anza’s 1779 journal of his decisive Comanche campaign and comparing them to the terrain on the southern end of the Mosquito Range, a/k/a the Arkansas Hills.

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Real Heroes for the West

Essay by Ellen Miller

American Life – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

The nation is agog at the O.J. Simpson saga. All the news shows, the sports shows, the tabloids, and the trash TV “productions” are full of it. Whether he killed his ex-wife and her buddy remains an issue for the court. If he did it, the district attorney will have the evidence. Simpson has the capability of hiring the best lawyers in the country, and he has, and so the long court stuff will just, well, go along.

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Central Colorado briefs for August 1944

Brief by Central Staff

Around Central Colorado – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Mountain Bob emerges to bad news

BUCKSKIN JOE — Mountain Bob Leasure emerged on June 15 from the shallow San Isabella Mine at Buckskin Joe at the Royal Gorge.

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Quilting: A modern tradition

Article by Diane Alexander

Quilts – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Quilting is no longer a half-forgotten skill relegated to old-fashioned grandmothers and dusty attics. At a recent organizational meeting for the eighth annual Chaffee County Quilt and Textile Show (June 25-July 4), the women were feisty and the talk was animated.

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The year everything went wrong

Letter from Paul Martz

Government – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Just a short note to tell you that I enjoyed and agreed with Martha’s editorial in the July Colorado Central. My personal vote for the year things started going bad is 1965 too, and I’ll tell you why. It was the first time that I remember when a passerby who stopped to help was sued by the “victim” of an auto wreck. The driver responsible for the accident didn’t have insurance, but the innocent bystander did: Sue the passerby.

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The Ultimate Horror: Car Camping

Essay by Jane Koerner

Outdoors – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazin

I’ve been in a flood and three tornadoes. I nearly drowned in a lake when I was six, and I crashed my Dad’s car onto the front page of the Kansas City Star in college. Since moving to Colorado so I could be closer to the mountains I love to climb, I’ve bounced 40 feet down gravel and collided with a tree. I’ve turned upside down on a rappel off a mountaintop and contemplated destiny 2,000 feet beneath my bare head. But nothing terrified me half as much as car camping.

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